Buy a youth-built boat

We at Urban Boatbuilders are excited to introduce you to our fleet of handcrafted boats. All of our boats are made by youth apprentices, and are extremely high quality, lightweight, and beautiful. While our apprentices are learning through this process, they work alongside dedicated staff committed to the process. Handmade, beautiful wooden boats like these are hard to come by. Treat yourself to a piece of quality artisanship, complete with the satisfaction of knowing these boats are the vehicle used to positively transform lives.

To purchase an available boat or commission a sold out model, please contact [email protected] or (651) 644-9225. Unfortunately, we are not able to ship boats and offer pick-up only.

Boats for sale

Wilderness Traveler

Length: 17′ 6″
Beam: 34″
Depth: 13″
Weight: 40 lbs.


Urban Traveler

Length: 15′ 2″
Beam: 37″
Depth: 13″
Weight: 32 lbs.


Wee Lassie

Length: 14′
Beam: 26″
Depth: 10 1/4″
Weight: 22 lbs.


Loon Kayak

Length: 12′
Beam: 28″
Cockpit: 36″ x 18″
Weight: 25 lbs.


Greenland Kayak

Length: 17’5″
Beam: 28″
Weight: 38 lbs.


Adirondack Guide Boat

Length: 15′ 3″
Beam: 41″
Depth: 13″
Weight: ~52 lbs.


Dispro - An Electric-Powered Lapstrake Cruiser

Length: 16' 6"
Beam: 52"
Capacity: 6


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