Marc Hosmer – He/Him

Marc Hosmer joined Urban Boatbuilders in 2012 and brings a diverse background of youth development and non-profit management experience.  This experience, combined with his passion for creating opportunities for youth to build bright futures, guides Marc in his leadership of Urban Boatbuilders.

Elizabeth Barnard (E.B.) – She/Her

Elizabeth Barnard, known as E.B., comes to Urban Boatbuilders with a background in outdoor education, woodworking, music education, and youth development work. One dream was to lead bicycle trips, and she led an American Youth Hostels bike trip with high school students across the United States, an adventure that began a career in outdoor education. She developed a concept of “eco-cycling,” leading bike trips that focused on environmental issues.

Elise Delgado – she/her

Elise is from Sacramento, California and first instructed boat building for Urban Boatbuilders during the spring of 2019. From that unforgettable experience, she knew she had to find her way back to work with us full time. She finally moved to the Twin Cities and began as Apprenticeship Coordinator in the summer of 2021. She brings a breadth of knowledge from her years designing and piloting project-based, experiential learning programs for youth and adults.

Elia Krumm (they/them)

Elia (they/them) brings a wealth of knowledge from their experience as an Indigenous person committed to Native communities and youth empowerment. As an instructor, they’re excited to connect youth to the trades, help grow technical skills within apprentices, and support young people to experience our local waterways. Outside of teaching you can find them hanging with their cats, going on hikes, and doing beadwork.

Liz (she/her)

Liz (she/her) worked with us for the past two years as an AmeriCorps VISTA member and currently serves as our Communications and Development Coordinator. She loves creatively connecting with Urban Boatbuilders’ community to support local youth and empower craft education!

Liz has a BFA in Illustration from Pratt Institute and a certificate in Museum Studies from the University of Washington. Outside of work, you can find her printmaking, visiting museums, and in Urban Boatbuilders’ comment section, boosting engagement!

Track Trachtenberg (they/he)

Track (they/he) comes to Urban Boatbuilders with a background in gender and racial equity work, community organizing, facilitation, and youth work. He is passionate about ensuring youth have the tools they need to recognize and grow their own power and navigate the systems around them. Outside of work, they enjoy reading, running near bodies of water, and finding weird, queer, radical art.

Brianna Oseland (she/they)

Brianna (she/they) has clocked many years working in the realm of education and teaching. She has found a love of teaching woodshop to others, both at middle school and adult level. Brianna finds that teaching beginning Woodworkers is most challenging, but also the most gratifying. Brianna’s Finnish/Annishinnaabe heritage brings a blend of hardworking and creativeness to her life. she is always doing diy projects learning something new

Louis Kaufman (he/they)

Louis (he/him) teaches Urban Boatbuilders’ partnership program with Focus Beyond Transitions School. His education practice is rooted in his previous jobs teaching karate, leading youth camping trips, and learning woodworking skills as a housing framer and artist. What attracts him to Urban Boatbuilders is the opportunity to connect his creative work to youth and his community.

Previous art projects include designing arcade games, volunteering with Art Shanty, and creating stringed instruments at the Penland School of Crafts. Outside the woodshop, you can find him upgrading his tiny house and canoeing.

Board of Directors

Matt Sayre – He/Him – Treasurer

Matt Sayre has spent the past ten years working in the construction industry, most recently managing Ryan Companies Senior Living sector. Matt got his start as a laborer and carpenter.

Fue Thao – He/Him

Fue is currently an Assistant Ramsey County Attorney in the Human Services Division. He is a lifelong resident of St. Paul and enjoys its great parks and recreation opportunities.

Tina Barsky – She/Her – Board Chair

Tina’s background is in science and education. As a sophomore biology teacher for 20 years, Tina developed an expertise in curriculum writing. Tina chaired Saint Paul Academy’s Science Department for 6 years, where she oversaw all k-12 science curriculum.

Brian Brown – He/Him

In Brian’s 25 year career at the University of St. Thomas he taught, was the director of communications and was the college’s senior editor.

Eric Kautzman – He/Him

As a Financial Advisor, Eric helps people develop and implement individualized goal-based retirement savings plans and provides life insurance and disability insurance to protect their families and resources.

Tim Mercure – He/Him

Mr. Mercure has worked in human services for over 20 years. Prior to The Bridge for Youth, Tim was the Development Director at Hope Dental, and the Director of Development and Communications at ESR, Inc.

Valerie (Sutton) Honey – She/Her – Vice Chair

Val’s journey to Urban Boatbuilders has been an adventure that at least occasionally involved a canoe but always included working with youth.

Richard Ingeman (he/him)

Richard Ingeman is a Certified Public Accountant who is the Director of Strategy and Business Planning at AEI Capital Corporation. Before joining AEI, Richard spent 11 years at Deloitte Tax.

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