Jim Grathwol – He/Him – Co-Vice President

Peer Educator - National Alliance on Mental Illnesses (NAMI), Minnesota

Jim is a Minnesota resident, and graduate of the University of St. Thomas. Jim has worked in and around state legislative policy for 35 years, most recently lobbying for the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities and the Minneapolis Public Schools.

Jim has been “messing around with boats” since 1967 and has owned, refurbished or built a series of canoes, kayaks, sailboats and other small watercraft.

Jim was drawn to Urban Boatbuilders’ mission of empowering youth through boat building because he believes that building watercraft throughout history has empowered humans to travel farther than they can see, to a future they can only imagine, in a boat which is a dream made tangible. Jim believes a good day begins and ends with an adventure in a boat.

Jim has five adult children who have survived capsize, white squalls, hailstorms, running aground, dismasting, portages, and years of glorious aquatic adventures.

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