Ultralight skin-on frame canoe designed to be versatile in use, whether it’s for a leisurely day trip or a backcountry canoe expedition. High weight carrying capacity, makes the canoe seaworthy on larger bodies of water more susceptible to windy conditions. Form has been uniquely adapted in-shop from the Cheemaun wood canvas design by Rollin Thurlow. For those who want both the freedom of a solo canoe and the companion ability of a tandem. As a solo, it’s a stable, efficient touring hull. Paddled tandem, it’s an efficient performance design that makes getting there together a pleasure.


15′ 2″3713″32 lbs.

Note: Boats pictured are the same model but not the actual boat for sale. Paddles and floorboards sold separately.

To purchase this boat or commission a sold out model, email us at [email protected] or call 651-644-9225.