Request for Proposal: CNC Program Curriculum and Training
About Urban Boatbuilders

Urban Boatbuilders is a youth development organization whose mission is “to empower youth to succeed in work and life through woodworking and experiential learning.” We serve more than 1,000 youth each year. Through our Partnership and Apprenticeship Programs, youth develop technical woodworking skills, social and emotional learning skills, and a connection to their local waterways. We have recently added an alumni program to support youth who have gone through our program as they move beyond Urban Boatbuilders into the larger workforce.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that diverse perspectives and backgrounds create a rich work environment that enhances our ability to pursue our mission and support youth. We are committed to building an organization that fosters inclusivity and equity among members of the community. Urban Boatbuilders actively seeks a diverse pool of candidates for all positions.

Scope of Work

Project Duration January 2021 – April 2021

Project Description

The consultant will execute on deliverables and create a curriculum to be used in the Partnership Program, targeted at 8-12 grade students. In addition to the curriculum, the consultant will advise on necessary technology and tools to offer the program. The consultant must be able to facilitate a process that includes training for staff members on curriculum delivery and support, plus training for staff on CNC operation. The consultant will collaborate with staff to develop an appropriate assessment tool for the quality and effectiveness of the program.

Project Deliverables

Core Curriculum – Consultant will develop a curriculum of no more than 40 instruction hours that can be delivered in-person or remotely. The curriculum will cover the use of CAD/CAM software to render 1-2 projects on a CNC machine operated by Urban Boatbuilders staff. The curriculum will also introduce the basics of CNC operation to provide a broad understanding of how the machine works. Curriculum content will include:

● CAD/CAM software use
● Each student completing 1-2 items
○ 1 basic item completed by all students
■ Ex. Smiley face emoji
○ A second, more advanced project students choose from a menu of 3-4 options
■ Ex: Toolbox parts, nameplate, etc
● CNC basics
○ 3-axis
○ Tools
○ Coordinate system
● CAD/CAM career and hobby implications
○ Overview of manufacturing use of CNC
○ Hobby uses for CAD/CAM

Staff Training and CNC Operation manual development

The consultant will deliver and training
to staff in the delivery of the developed curriculum. Additionally, the consultant will develop a manual for
the program delivery and operation of the CNC machine.

Training will include:
● Curriculum delivery
● CAD/CAM software
● CNC machine operation and troubleshooting
Assessment Tool – Consultant will collaborate with Urban Boatbuilders staff in the development of an assessment tool such as a survey to be given to participants to determine learning outcomes, satisfaction with instruction, and overall learning experience.Terms of

Contract Length of project: January 25, 2021 – April 30, 2021

Compensation: Please submit a bid in your proposal based on project demands and
foreseeable expenses.

Proposals and Deadlines

Please submit a proposal by Wednesday, January 22, 2021, including:
● Estimated number of hours anticipated to complete the project
● A timeline for the project with benchmark deadlines within the constraints of the project
● 1-2 samples of past curriculum writing, training, or workshop facilitation
● Qualifications and experience with CAD/CAM software, CNC machine operation,
curriculum writing and design, technical training, and youth work/education

To apply please email your resume, cover letter, work samples, the above proposal, and 2-3
professional references to Dennis Walsh at [email protected] by Wednesday,
January 22, 2021.

Evaluation and Award Process

Urban Boatbuilders will select a candidate based on the following criteria:
● Experience in curriculum writing/design
● Experience coordinating and designing group training and facilitating educator training
● Ability and history in collaborating successfully on group projects
● Experience in the following fields preferred: 3-axis CNC router operation, 3-axis CNC
router programming, CAD/CAM design, education,
● Candidate must also demonstrate attention to detail, organization, exceptional
communication skills, ability to think critically and execute on projects, and ability to give and
receive feedback.

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