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Partnership Program

The partnership program brings woodworking to the classroom to engage students who thrive through creative, hands-on education. We bring the tools, materials, and instructor. You provide the space (no workshop needed) and the young people, ready to learn. Throughout the process, instructors work directly with students to solve problems and discuss complicated concepts while working toward a shared goal. Projects range from boats to longboards and are the students' to keep, as is their newfound skills and confidence in themselves.

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Partner with Us

In order to increase equity and access to our programming, we have adopted a tiered pricing system for our programs. This helps us be more transparent about the cost of our programming

and find price points for our partners that take into account financial capacity and mission alignment. We are hoping to gain a holistic picture of the organizations we are working with. For that reason, all questions are weighted equally and tiered decisions are based on where the majority of answers fall.

Connect With Youth in a New Way

  • Unique, hands-on learning

  • Projects customized to challenge students at all levels

  • Students build social-emotional and leadership skills

  • Challenging & innovative environment


We partner with many types of organizations:

  • Public Schools

  • Afterschool Programs

  • Summer Camps

  • Special Education Centers

  • Community Centers

  • Community Organizations

  • And more!

“This hands-on learning allows my students to feel successful. They are successful, but they don’t necessarily understand that just by looking at the results of a math quiz. They have to feel it, and when they put their hands on the work, that allows them to interact with understanding their own growth."
-Kent Miller, Teacher at Parkway Montessori Middle School 
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