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From The Workbench: Partnership with Osseo Area Schools

Osseo Area Schools recently published a story on their website highlighting Urban Boatbuilders’ ongoing partnership program with Birch Grove Elementary School for the Arts! Read Osseo Area Schools’ full story about the program below!

Photo Courtesy of Osseo Area Schools

"Every Wednesday morning since early January, a group of eight Birch Grove School for the Arts students have spent over an hour with a staff member from Urban Boatbuilders and high school volunteers from Breck School to tackle a hands-on project: building longboard skateboards from scratch.

Photo Courtesy of Osseo Area Schools

Urban Boatbuilders typically build boats with local youth, as the name suggests, but in this situation, the organization felt that longboards would be a better fit. Birch Grove chose students for the opportunity who they thought would enjoy the project and who were looking for an activity that suits them. 

On March 6, student and volunteer partners were busy working on a variety of different stages of the 15-stage construction process. The day’s work included drilling holes for the boards’ trucks, shaping the board with a block plane, refining the board’s edges and doing final smoothing with sandpaper. 

The longboards are scheduled to be complete in late April, and the group leaders said they have a fun finale planned."

Photo Courtesy of Osseo Area Schools

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